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Central Executive Committee

The Central Executive Committee (CEC) will be responsible for the monthly operation of the Association as deputed his/her duties.

Following will the description of duties of each of the officials.

PRESIDENT- The office of President is the primary person responsible for all the activities of Association and presides at the regular membership meetings, general meetings and Central Executive Committee meetings.

PROVINCIAL PRESIDENTS- There will be one President from each province. He / She will have one vote in Executive Committee. The Provincial Presidents will responsible for the performance of the President’s duties in the absence of the President. The Provincial Presidents along with Secretary General and the Executive Committee will responsible for the program planning of all activities.

SECRETARY GENERAL- The secretary general will responsible for maintaining the non financial records of the Association’s activities. He / She will provide meeting notes of all general membership and executive body meetings. These notes/minutes will be recorded in a Secretary’s book and will be available for the general membership to review (posted in the newsletter).

REGIONAL COORDINATORS- The regional coordinators will be responsible for the Association’s activities in their respective institutions and regions. They will also be responsible for the duties assigned by the President.

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